JenHeadshotHi!  I’m Jennifer Rackley Chacon (my friends all call me Jen). I’m a coach, trainer, speaker, and blogger. I hope to become your go-to resource for all things related to health, leadership and company culture. 

I’m passionate about helping make the most of this life we’re given; from helping people take control of their health, to developing leaders, to helping create great company cultures that make the work place better. We only get one shot at life, and I say let’s make it amazing!

A little more about me…

Words others use to describe me: Authentic, Passionate, Driven, Visionary, Optimistic, Detail-oriented

My Values:  Adventure, Balance, Excellence, Faith, Service

My Story: I spent the first 20 years of my career in nonprofit operations and leadership with the YMCA. I loved the fast paced, “something different every day” setting, being a part of impacting lives – from kids to seniors – and building a workplace culture that supported our staff teams.  It fueled my passions of health & wellness, developing leadership skills in all ages, building teams, and creating a great experience for all involved. 

In 2013 I completed an intensive coaching certification program and in the spring of 2014 I made the leap to start my own coaching and training company. I believe every great organization understands the need to tap into the full potential of their people and create exceptional teams to be wildly successful. I believe all of us have a purpose and passions we were meant to fulfill. And as cheesy as it may sound, I really love helping companies and individuals do just that. 

Degree / Certifications: 

  • B.S. Education (Sports Management) – VA Tech
  • ICF (International Coach Federation) ACC Certified Coach
  • Certified Professional Coach – iPEC; Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (one of the top ranked ICF coaching programs) with a specialized leadership program
  • ELI-MP – Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
  • YMCA Faculty certified

Why I Coach: A friend (who was training to be a coach) asked me to be his guinea pig for a practice session in 2006. In just 30 minutes I was hooked.  It was such a powerful experience. I was asked to dig into who I really was, what I really wanted in life and create specific action steps to accomplish that. It is what helped me recognize my true passion. I love helping people grow and reach their full potential and I have found no better tool than coaching. It is exciting to see that “light bulb” appear when someone gets it and to see a group of individuals become an amazing, dynamic, high-performing team.

Just for fun…

Hobbies & Passions: My faith is my foundation. Second is family – my relationship with my husband and the four great kids that made me a stepmom. When I say I love adventure, I’m not joking! When I do have extra time on my hands, I enjoy volunteering and mission trips; I love to travel (passport is always ready!); I also enjoy hiking, reading, VA Tech football, hanging out with Diva-the-dog, photography and anything around the water (boats, jet skis, hiking to a waterfall…). And I’m always up for a good cup of coffee.

Places I’ve lived:  All over Virginia (that is “home”), NYC (Brooklyn to be exact), New Jersey, North Carolina, and South Carolina (where I have fallen in love with Greenville!).

I’d love to connect and learn more about you! Just click here